The Barcelona Update story

The founders of were for many years regular visitors to Barcelona from the UK. Like everyone else, we bought well known guide books and searched the web for good value, local restaurants, groovy bars and the best places to see. But we were constantly frustrated for three reasons:

1. The guide books are constantly out of date

It takes months for reviews to be written and published in the traditional way and then books may sit on shelves for months more, so by the time you actually arrive in Barcelona reviews are often over a year old. Worse, they often leave the reviews in for several issues without revisiting the places so making them even later. This combines with the second problem ...

2. The dreaded "guide book effect"

Once a bar or restaurant has made it into one of the bigger guide books it inevitably becomes more popular - allowing the least scrupulous to sit back on their laurels, raise prices and let quality slide. So what was a lovely spanking new restaurant when the review was written becomes an over-priced tourist haven by the time you get there. We can't tell you how often this happens.

3. The lack of good, independent online reviews

While there are a lot of Barcelona review sites around, they are rarely well informed, well written or truly independent. Those that have a book associated with them limit the free content so that you will still need to go out and buy the book. Those that do not are poorly put together and from a wide variety of often incorrect sources that regularly go out of date.

So we decided to do something about it. We moved to Barcelona and set up this site aimed at visitors who are coming for a weekend or one week visit. Our aim is to provide:

  • A free online, downloadable guide with no book affiliations
  • Honest reviews of the best and worst of Barcelona
  • Up-to-date information, provided by reviewers who live in Barcelona

We hope you like it!

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