Barcelona is awash with Restaurants ranging from fabulous and great value to complete tourist-aimed rip-off.  We’ve reviewed many below, split by barrio (neighbourhood).  We are as honest as we can be – when it’s bad we say so and when it’s great, we gush!

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Barri Gotic

The restaurants in Barri Gotic range from wonderful, atmospheric little places, through some of the best value quality food you’ll find in the city right down to the most over-priced tourist traps you’re ever likely to come across.  In general, we’d advise you steer clear of the restaurants and bars directly on La Rambla – which almost invariably fit into the latter category – but you don’t have to go far to find really top notch places.


Ambos Mundos
Plaza Reial, 10, 08001
Open:  11:00 – 23:00 Mon - Sun; closed January
Tel: 93-317 01 66
Price guide:

One of a set of tourist-based tapas bars and restaurants along the permanently sunny side of Plaza Reial.

Great place to sit and people watch over a few plates of tapas, but don't expect either the tapas or the drink to be particularly great. Good value though, considering its location.


Bar del Pi
Plaça Sant Josep Oriol 1
Open: Mon-Fri: 9am-11pm; Sat: 9:30am-10:30pm; Sun: 10am-10pm
Price guide: €€

Bar del Pi is one of the oldest and best known bars in Barcelona, and is included in every guide book we've ever come across.

The location is perfect - get an outside table and look up to see the beautiful gothic Iglesa del Pi or stare around at the local artists stands or the local market stalls (weekends in the adjoining plaza). The tapas is no more than average, no doubt suffering from the curse of the guide book, and the service is patchy, but there are few better places to sit and have a drink in Gothic Barcelona.

Bar El Tropezon
Carrer d'en Gignas, 22
Price guide: €

Old style tapas bar, that seems to have adapted to its central Barcelona tourist status by providing a numbered menu and some paper and a pen - just write the numbers of what you want down and give it to your waiter. 

Reasonable tapas, but the place is looking a bit run down these days.


Bunga Raya
Carrer dels Assaonadors 7
Open: Tues - Sun: 8pm - 12am. Closed Mon.
Tel: 93-319 31 69
Price guide: €

This Brit-run Malaysian restaurant used to be a BarcelonaUpdate favourite, but has recently gone downhill a bit.

The portions are big and hearty and a meal here won't break the bank - the all-in-one house plate in particular is good value. Unfortunately it is now getting very run down - menus falling apart, needs a coat of paint and, worst of all, hygiene, particularly the loos, has suffered.

Our advice is to avoid until things are cleaned up.


Café de L'Academia
Lledo 1, Placa Sant Just
Tel: 93-315 00 26
Price guide: €€

A charming little restaurant in the old town, Cafe de L'Academia serves good value, Catalan food to a good mix of locals and tourists.

Set in the beautiful Placa San Just, opposite the church of the same name, the restaurant has around 15 tables inside and a set of 6 outside in the square in summer. The cuisine is described as "market food" - presumably from one of the local markets - and it shows in it's freshness. The a la carte menu is extensive, but for our money the best bet is the keenly priced lunchtime menu del dia - a hearty set lunch (no choice here - one starter, one main and one dessert are on offer) for just €14.


Carrer d'Avigno 24
Tel: 93-318 38 55
Price guide: €€€

A hybrid Japanese restaurant / shop (yes, really) in the heart of the Barri Gotic, this place is definitely aimed at the upmarket end of the scale, with meals pitching in at Eu 50 + per head, including wine.

It's not to say the food is not good - our experience was excellent - but the shop out front (you walk through it to get to the restaurant) does bring the overall atmosphere down a notch or two and the constant stream of shop customers coming in to stare at the oddity of an upmarket restaurant where they didn't expect it makes you feel a bit on display.

If you are looking for upmarket Japanese, we would recommend heading to Shôko, or if you are wedded to the idea of staying in the centre, Shunka.


Carrer de la Princesa 5
Open: Who cares?

Thankfully, Ikkui is now closed down!


La Fonda
Carrer dels Excudellers, 10
Open: Every day: 1pm - 3.45pm and 8.30pm - 11.30pm
Tel: 93-301 75 15
Price guide: €

This is where most people head for when the queue for Les Quinze Nits is too long, although in honesty the queues can be just as long here.

Same great value food and lovely setting as Les Quinze Nits, albeit without outside space - see LQN review below for more details.


Les Quinze Nits
Plaça Reial, 6
Open: Every day: 1pm - 3.45pm and 8.30pm - 11.30pm
Tel: 93-317 30 75
Price guide: €

A Barcelona institution, Les Quinz Nits is the jewel in the crown of a huge group of restaurants across Barcelona that offer decent food, in fab settings for unbelievably low prices.

Watch out - the fantastic location in Placa Reial makes this one very popular and, like the others in the chain, you can't book.  So if you go at a popular time (especially weekend nights) the queue can be horrific. If you can stave off the hunger until after 2.30pm, we'd recommend going there for a late lunch, when you can usually get a nice table in the sun pretty quickly.

If you can't stand the queue, try one of the others in the same chain - La Rita, La Fonda (just around the corner), Market et al - cards are all available in the foyer.

Try the Black Rice (Arroz Negro) made with squid ink and a some of the house red - not a vintage, but for Eu 4.50 a litre a very drinkable bargain!

Some outside tables on Plaza Reial are now open between lunch and dinner in the summer, serving a reduced menu and drinks.


Carrer Ferran 38
Open: Daily: 1pm - 4pm & 8:30pm - 12am
Price guide: €€

To say Vildesvin is a mix of styles is a whopping understatement - a Scandinavian restaurant that does Basque tapas and specialises in Oysters and also has a range of European beers. But, somehow, and againt all of the odds it does work.

We were not terribly impressed with the menu food, but if you are a fan the oysters are fresh (they are opened and prepared at a small counter in the window) and provide a welcomingly upmarket pre-dinner aperetif at bargain prices - particularly if you go for one of the Champagne, Cava or Beer combo deals that are advertised throughout. And the Basque style tapas can be mouthwateringly good.

The service is often somewhere between slow and non-existant, but we feel its worth putting up with for the fab oysters. If you can get one, the tables outside are great for tourist-watching.


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El Raval
Until recently El Raval was at the more honest, hearty end of the restaurant scale, but over the last couple of years some more upmarket, and, it has to be said, downright fabulous places have sprung up putting it right up there with its neighbouring barrios in terms of restaurants.

La Fragua
Rambla del Raval, 15
Tel: 93-442 80 97
Open: Tues - Sun 11am - 1am; closed Mon
Price guide: €€

An old, traditional restaurant on the Rambla del Raval, La Fragua has the feel of a restaurant that's had its day.

Specialising in grilled meat and fish (the name means "The forge") we'd recommend that you stick to just that - the plain meat and fish dishes - as some of the items on the menu not in that category can be pretty tired and disappointing.

A great spot for some outside dining, but head just down the road to La Reina el Raval for higher quality food for the same price.


L'Antic Forn
Carrer Pintor Fortuny, 28
Tel: 93-412 02 86
Open: Mon - Sat: 9am - 5pm and 8pm - midnight; closed Sun
Price guide: €€

A traditional Catalan restaurant in the heart of Raval, specialising in grilled fish and traditional calçots when in season (sort of large spring onions).

Previously, and still functioning as, an old bakery (as the name suggest, in Catalan) L'Antic Forn is everything a traditional restaurant should be: Friendly, full of locals and brimming with traditional, local produce, bought direct from the market. Open for breakfast (the baked food here, as you would expect, is a treat), lunch and dinner, there is both an a la carte menu or a range of excellent value set menus to choose from. Oh, and do try the calçots - they are excellent!


La Reina del Raval
Rambla del Raval, 3
Tel: 93-443 36 55
Open: Fri - Sat: 1.30pm - 4pm and 8.30pm - 12.30am; Tues - Thurs and Sun: 1.30pm - 3.30pm and 8.30pm - 11pm; closed Mon
Price guide: €€

A surprisingly high quality restaurant in an area not renowned for high class places, the Reina Del Raval offers fresh, Market (Boqueria) bought, food in a lovely setting, adorned wth local art.

The food is mostly local Catalan and Spanish, including some sumptuous rice and fish dishes, with a hint of Italian influence thrown in for good measure and the fact that it is locally bought shows through in its freshness. Portions are hearty and, in the main, good value and the service bucks the trend for the area, being understated, but attentive.

A rare diamond!


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El Born
Up until a few years ago, the restaurants in El Born were nothing much to write home about (El Xampanyet aside), but this has all changed with the arrival of so many up market new restaurants along the Carrer del Commerc area. Check prices carefully before adventuring in around here - they vary from cheap and cheerful to break the bank, almost in the space of a few metres of the same street.

El Xampanyet
Carrer Montcada, 22
Tel: 93-319 70 03
Open:Mon - Sat midday - 4pm and 7pm - 11.30pm; Sun midday - 3.30pm
Price guide: €€

Lovely old-style tapas and cava bar on the same street as the Picasso Museum.

Be warned - its good, so its popular! If you go any time after about 8.30pm at night, it will be standing room only - if you want a table you will have to hover and perch your glass of house cava on the bar or a nearby shelf until one comes free or the friendly owner is able to bag one for you. Or you could choose to just eat standing up, as many locals do.

If you can get to eat here, the tapas really is good stuff - not the cheapest in the centre, but the most authentic we have come across.


The White Bar
Carrer de la Princesa, 50
Tel:93-295 46 52
Open: Tues - Sat 130pm - 4pm and 8.30pm - 11pm; closed Sun, Mon
Price guide: €€€

Trendy restaurant which as the name suggests, is stylised all white, although this can change with coloured lighting depending on the mood the management are trying to put across. Linked to the Chic & Basic hotel upstairs, this place screams "posh London".

It's all about cool and funky here. The music, the lighting and the setting are all geared to making the experience as groovy as possible and to a large extent it succeeds. The food is bistro, mediterranean style and in the large part very good, although there is a fairly high price tag on it, with a meal plus wine often upwards of €50 a head.

Cool experience if you have deep pockets.


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It's all about seafood in Barceloneta and it is well worth wandering the winding streets in search of a hidden local gem - if you're not worried about the look of the place, the usually the more downtrodden the better the food, as only the locals will eat there!

Bar Restaurant Peru
Passeig de Joan de Borbo
Open: Daily, midday - 11pm
Price guide: €

We've chosen Bar Restaurant Peru, but we could equally well have chosen any of the string of tourist-oriented seafood restraurants along this strip - we struggle to find too much difference between them. The street gets sunshine all day and it can be bliss to sit in the sun for an afternoon and tuck into a cut price paella or fideua.

For the best value go for a set lunch (menu del dia) which will get you three courses and a drink for around €12. The food does tend to be mass produced, but is still generally pretty good value - if you prefer something a bit more upmarket head over the road to La Gavina or one of the others in that set - but you'll pay at least twice as much.


Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas 2-4
Tel: 93-224 04 07
Open: Mon - Fri: 1pm-3.45pm and 8pm - 11.30pm (12.30am Fri); Sat: 1pm - 4.30pm and 8pm to 12.30am; Sun: 1pm - 4.30pm and 8pm - 11.30pm
Price guide: €€€

The fabulous beachside terrace along with the Italian fusion food really sets Bestial apart from others in this area.

This isn't going to be the cheapest meal you have in Barcelona, but for us it is worth the extra for the relaxed, stylish atmosphere, great service and excellent food. The lunchtime menu del dia, taken under a cooling umbrella on the terrace, of course, is one of the best value delights of Barcelona.

At night the bar is open for drinks if you prefer to just soak up the atmosphere without splashing out on the food. Reservations are recommended for busy lunchtimes and evenings.


La Gavina
Plaza Pau Vila, 1
Tel: 93-221 20 41
Price guide: €€€

One of four more upmarket seafood restaurants in a row overlooking the harbour, La Gavina delivers good food, excellent service and a lovely view - but will set you back a few extra Euros.

For something more basic but better value, head around the corner to one of the miriad of eateries along the Passeig de Joan de Borbo.


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The choice of most locals for eating out, Eixample is typically head and shoulders above the more tourist oriented old town areas.

From great local tapas to steak and Japanese, Eixample has everything you will ever need and usually at better value and quality.

La Bodegueta
Rambla de Catalunya, 100 (at Provenca)
Tel: 93-215 48 94
Open: Mon-Sat 7am-1:30am; Sun 7pm-1am
Price guide: €€

An old style Bodega (wine cellar) and Tapas bar on the partly pedestrianised Rambla de Catalunya, this is another guide book favourite and has again suffered for it.

The atmosphere inside can't be faulted - it can be difficult to remember that you are on a main shopping street in Barcelona when you are inside - and the wine from the barrell is good and cheap. But the tapas is more expensive than most and, unfortunately, often not up to scratch.

We say: go for the atmosphere, not the food - there's better and cheaper elsewhere.


Cerveceria Catalana
Mallorca 236 (between Rambla de Catalunya and Balmes)
Tel: 93-216 03 68
Open: Daily: 7.30am - 1.30am
Price guide: €€

A much vaunted tapas bar with constant queues of both locals and tourists at main times.

This is a cerveceria (beer house) so there's a good range of beers, and this is matched by the tapas, which is available from the menu or the bar.

The quality of the food is good, without reaching any sort of stellar peaks. In fairness, we would have to say that this is probably the best of the set of good value tapas places around here (but not by much!).

Our advice: come here if it is outside of normal eating hours (13:00 - 16:00 & 19:00 - 23:00). Otherwise avoid the queues and try Ciudad Comdal or La Tramoia down the road.


Ciudad Condal
Rambla de Catalunya, 18 (at Grand Via)
Tel: 93-318 19 97
Open: Mon - Fri 7am - 1.30am; Sat - Sun 9am - 1.30am
Price guide: €€

A well renowned tapas bar, within reach of both Barri Gotic and Eixample, Ciudad Condal serves good tapas in slightly more classy than average surroundings.

A good range of beers go with the better than average tapas and the service is surprisingly good, even when it gets busy. Try to get an outdoor table on the largely pedestrianised Rambla de Catalunya (the classier brother of La Rambla on the other side of Placa Catalunya) if you can - watch out though: it does get busy at main lunch and dinner times and you may find yourself waiting for tables both inside and out.

Same group as Cerveceria Catalana and it shows in both menu and popularity.


Enric Granados, 23 (between Consell de Cent & Arago)
Tel: 93-323 16 35
Open: Daily 1pm - 3.45pm and 9pm - 12am
Price guide: €

Situated just outside the old town at the bottom of Calle Enric Granados, Flamant offers high quality food at great prices.

Spreading inwards from the unassuming small front, the inside is cavernous, which can sometimes make the service a little slow and cumbersome. But if you can get past this, the menu is extensive and full of surprises - check out the Kangaroo steak, which is as tasty as beef, but immensely tender (and low fat to boot).

Or, if you fancy something a bit lighter, check out the Flamant Cafe next door (same opening hours).


Carrer de Provenca, 205 (between Balmes and Enrique Granados)
Tel: 93-451 71 93
Open: Mon-Sun 1.30-4pm and 8.30-11.30pm
Price guide: €€

One of two great value and pretty high quality Japanese restaurants in the same block (see Hanagin below).

Ginza's deal goes like this: 5 dishes for around 17 Euros and every dish beyond that for 1 Euro each. And while the dishes aren't huge, 5 is generally enough for most people. The menu is extensive, including sushi, sashimi and maki, as well as salads and a host of pichos and all made on site, making it fresh and tasty.

In truth there is little difference between Ginza and Hanagin: if you really want to gorge yourself then the Hanagin deal is probably a better one but Ginza has the warmer, more welcoming feel to it.


Carrer de Provenca, 201 (between Balmes and Enrique Granados)
Tel: 93-454 65 95
Open: Mon-Sun 1.30-4pm and 8.30-11.30pm
Price guide: €€

The other half of the Japanese duo on the block, offering, if it's possible, an even better deal than it's neighbour Ginza.

Hanagin's offer is slightly different: 18 Euros for as many dishes as you want! That's right - just keep asking for the menu and ordering until you burst. The food is just as good a Ginza (see above) and the menu just as extensive.

Oh, and there's also a set lunch menu for around 10 Euros.

If we had a gripe about Hanagin, it would be the slightly cafeteria feel atmosphere, but in a world of generally over-priced Japanese food, it is amazing value. Booking is required after 9pm.


Le Relais de Venice
Carrer de Pau Claris, 142 (between C/ Valencia and Arago)
Tel: 93-467 21 62
Open: Daily: 1pm-4pm and 8.30p, - 12.30am (12am Sun)
Price guide: €€€

Mmmmm - steak. And that's all they do here - no menu, just steak! But they do do it well.

For your €22 you get a Waldorf style salad followed by steak and chips cooked as you choose, sliced and drizzled with their special sauce. As you might expect, the steaks are fab. Not huge but don't worry when they first bring you your plate - its not that small, they've just kept half of it warm on hotplates and they bring you it when you have finished, along with more fresh chips. Deserts are a little uninspiring, but that's not why you come here.

Servers are dressed in those French maid style outfits which would be sexy on someone 20 years younger. As is often the case here, the service can be a little brusque - steaks can often be served before you have finished the salad - but they're generally very helpful and cheerful.


La Rita
Carrer Arago 279 (at Valencia)
Tel: 93-487 23 76
Open: Daily: 1pm-3.45pm and 8.30pm - 11.30pm
Price guide: €

Part of the Les Quinze Nits chain that follows the usual formula - decent food at remarkably low prices in a stylish setting.

As always, there is no reservation system - push your way to the front desk and put your name down - you'll be told how long the wait is.

As with the others in the chain, the menu is a variety of local classics and international dishes. It's good quality - if anything more so than the likes of Les Quinze Nits and La Fonda in the Centre - but retains the startlingly good value.

Highly recommended for top class bistro style food without breaking the bank.


Valencia 249 (between Passeig de Gracia and Rambla de Catalunya)
Tel: 93-193 23 00
Open: Daily 1pm - 3.45pm and 8.30pm - 11.30pm
Price guide: €

The latest addition to the low price-high quality Andilana-managed restaurants (see Les Quince Nits, La Fonda and La Rita) is a Japanese, hidden away in a huge downstairs dining room just off the fashionable Passeig de Gracia.

As with the rest of the chain, Miu offers high quality fare at astonishing good value. The sushi in particular rivals some of the more expensive Japanese restaurants in the town.

Try the fantastic lunchtime Menu del Dia for only €10.95 for four courses (Mon-Fri only).


Tapa Tapa
Passeig de Gracia, 44 (at Consell de Cent)
Tel: 93-488 33 69
Open: Mon - Fri 7.45am - 1.30am (Fri 2am); Sat 8.45am - 2am; Sun 10.45am - 1am
Price guide: €€

Tapa Tapa is one of the oldest restaurants on Passeig de Gracia, although you wouldn't know it from the modern exterior.

No prizes for guessing what they serve here. This is tapas for the beginner and the tourist, but don't let that put you off - its actually pretty good quality. The menu is on your placemat and includes helpful, if difficult to make out pictures of each dish, so if your Catalan isn't quite up to scratch you can just choose and point. 

Grab a table in the cavernous interior, people watch at a table on Passeig de Gracia or, to kid yourself that you're in a real tapas bar, sit at the bar where you can point at and choose the actual food and the specials.


La Tramoia
Rambla de Catalunya, 15 (at Gran Via)
Tel: 93-412 36 34
Open: Daily: 7am - 1.30am
Price guide: €€

Just off Plaza Catalunya, La Tramoia is a slightly lesser known tapas restaurant that, if anything, is slightly better than its nearby competitors. The restaurant actually splits into two, the upstairs a full a la carte and downstairs and outside serving tapas.

The tapas is at the top end of the quality scale and, although you might find some cheaper, is not unreasonably priced. Some specialities, like the morcilla sausage are fabulous (for those of you who like black pudding especially) and not to be found elsewhere.

Unlike its competitors further up Rambla de Catalunya, La Tramoia is seldom to be seen with queues outside and opens later than most of the others, too.


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